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Dr Cathal M Brugha of University College Dublin. 
Research into Nomology, the Science of the Laws of the Mind, focuses on the mental structures we use to map and focus our thoughts. It helps to highlight aspects of our thinking processes that we may be under-using or may mis-understand. 

The way that we make introverted decisions, whereby we make our commitments, has three levels:
Somatic, where we deal with our physical, political and economic needs,
Psychic (psychological), where we connect with our social, cultural and emotional feelings and preferences, and
Pneumatic, where we relate to our artistic, religious and mystical values.
It is difficult to move out of the Somatic when we need basic things for survival.
We get stuck with Psychological issues when we do not like the way the world is.

At the third level of the Pneuma we do not ignore our needs and likes.  Here we focus more on trying to improve our own personal responses to improving things.

Nomological maps can help one to focus on different issues.  It does so by “framing and naming” so that one can exclude parts of the map that may not be most relevant to where you want to bring your focus.

Psychotherapy helps to resolve problems that have their root cause in the psyche. 

Psycho-somatic problems such as stress occur where a psychological problem has physical manifestations.  Some of these may also have a Pneuma basis.

Pneumatherapy focuses on our personal spaces of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.  Soul is where we have deep connections to our people and communities.  Spirit is that private space where we connect with our inner selves, into which we might invite God.  A way to get access to that private space without knowing much about it is to focus on that space that is not-Body, not-Mind, and not-Soul. 

When we do this consciously we empower our spirit to nurture all our other aspects.

Below are some links to some Pneuma related sites, to Dr Brugha's research and to a Personality Test, at the end of which there is a summary and some examples of nomological maps under "More Detailed Answers".

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